About Us


Have you ever dreamed of stepping inside a movie so that you can experience what it was like for the characters to live and breathe in a most extraordinary place? Have you ever dreamed of becoming a secret agent, a superhero or even a wizard, and plunge yourself into another reality and become a direct participant in the most fascinating events and adventures? Now, what if we tell you it all can be possible. How, you may ask. Our answer is simple: Miss Terry – Escape Rooms.

Escape rooms are a new kind of interactive entertainment, which quickly gained popularity throughout the world. In order to play an escape room at Miss Terry you just need to assemble a team of 2-6 people, be it your friends, family or colleagues.

Your goal is to find your way out of an enclosed themed space, using given clues and team work. It’s the perfect way to share a memorable adventure with your friends and loved ones, and it can be a great teambuilding activity! If you are a fan of puzzles and enjoy cracking codes and other challenges, or just looking for a new and exciting ways of spending your time, Miss Terry – Escape Rooms is at your service. So saddle up, a new world of adventures awaits you!