Tips for Horror Escape Room in Ha Noi

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A few years ago, Horror Escape Room in Ha Noi were considered as an expensive and new entertainment imported from the West. Until now, however, escape room has become a popular game and attracts Vietnamese young people.


If you’re beginners to the Escape Room, find out What the Escape Room is?


The popularity of escape rooms led to the expansion of different categories. In particular, horror is the most popular escape room category in Vietnam at this time. A puzzle room now combined with horror elements will surely bring you unprecedented experience. Without physical effects, these escape rooms mainly use psychological tricks to create fear on players. However, this basically is an escape room, your goal is only one: find a way out of the room.


Before getting into the details of tips for the horror Escape Room in Ha Noi, make sure you got the principles of the Escape Room. How to play Escape Room for beginners


Let’s discover the tips to help you ready before entering a horror escape room in Ha Noi

1. Make sure you are in the best state

When you have anxiety problems, mental depression, are pregnant or using stimulants … You will hardly use it all ability to solve the puzzles. Especially lack mental stability facing these fears are waiting in the room this horror.

So the advice is to only play horror escape room in Ha Noi when your both physical and mental are at its best.

Is the Escape Room scary?


2. Unusually there are difficult puzzles in a horror escape room in Ha Noi

When fear, the human ability to concentrate and reasoning will be reduced. The light inside the horror escape room is usually darker than outside. And with psychological instability, complex mathematical equations and high logical puzzles would not be suitable for the escapers. Therefore, who love difficult puzzles should lower their expectations in horror escape room. Horror Escape Room in Ha Noi will be more emotional than brainstoming.

Asylum poster final

The Asylum at Miss Terry – Escape Rooms has a 3-star difficulty but the horror level is up to 5

3. Pay attention to all the details in the horror escape room in Ha Noi

Light and sound can be clues to help you find the right path.

For example, in a dark room, only a glimmer appears. Going towards the light is your only option. What if the room was completely dark? Find a way to light up the room. Because you couldn’t solve puzzles in the dark

Another situation is that meet the supporting actors in the horror escape room. These actors have just played a role in increasing the creepy in the room, and also is a guide that players need to pay attention to. Normally players will find it hard to realize. Because at that time, they were still panicking and surrounded by fear. But when you exit the room and look back, you’ll have to thank those actors for helping you complete the game.

Anything could be a clue
Anything could be a clue

4. Join in the story

Advice is to enter the playroom with the mentality ready. Accept whatever will happen. There will be no zombies in real life. However in the escape room, you should believe that it is real, at least until exiting the room. The open mind will help you get the best horror experience. On the contrary, with the stubborn and default thinking what is happening in the room is just human and they are trying to “make fun”. That could ruin the fun of the whole team

Experience the Horror Escape Room at Miss Terry – Escape Rooms


5. But don’t be too scare

A part of you makes sure that there is no real ghost behind that door and that is true. There is a boundary between completely immersing and identifying that is just a game. Extremely panic cause you to lose the thinking ability 

Here are the first 5 tips for horror escape rooms in Ha Noi.
Are you ready for experience the horror escape room at Miss Terry – Escape Rooms?
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Wish you will have a great escape room experience with friends and relatives!

Let’s continue to explore Tips for Horror Escape Room in Ha Noi part 2



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