Welcome to Miss Terry Escape Rooms

Embark on a journey where cutting-edge technology and captivating storytelling converge to redefine the escape room experience. Since our inception in 2017, Miss Terry Escape Rooms has been at the forefront of the escape room evolution in Vietnam, offering players a chance to dive into worlds where every detail is part of a larger, thrilling narrative

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Our Evolution

Starting with physically immersive rooms, we’ve expanded our universe to include online escape experiences during the pandemic, ensuring the adventure never paused. Our innovation didn’t stop there; we’ve also ventured into the realm of board games, bringing the essence of Miss Terry’s puzzles into your home. With ten rooms spread across three prime locations and more on the horizon, our journey of expansion and creativity continues

What Sets Us Apart?

Innovative Gameplay: Our escape rooms are more than puzzles; they’re narratives waiting to unfold, featuring high-tech automation that makes every challenge come alive.

Engaging Challenges: Designed to test your wits and teamwork, our rooms demand logical thinking and collaboration for a successful escape.
Immersive Atmosphere: Step into environments crafted with attention to detail, complemented by soundscapes that transport you away from the ordinary.
Our Community

Miss Terry is not just an escape room; it’s a destination where stories unfold and memories are made, cherished by both locals and international visitors alike. Our commitment to creating compelling experiences has fostered a community of enthusiastic adventurers.

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Escape into Adventure

Miss Terry is your gateway to an otherworldly break from the daily grind. Imagine stepping into a place that transcends time, with the charm of a Victorian hotel and an air of mystery waiting to be unravelled.

Join us at Miss Terry Escape Rooms for an adventure that extends beyond the walls of our rooms. Here, every escape is a story, and we’re excited to see how yours will unfold.