Room 1704

Room 1704 of the Eagles Motel in Chicago has been abandoned for decades, but its dark secrets remain. A young mother hanged herself in the bathroom, and her 13-year-old daughter vanished without a trace. The police were baffled, and the case turned cold. But the motel’s sinister legacy didn’t end there. Paranormal activity plagued the cursed room, driving guests to madness or worse. The motel management was forced to shut it down, and the case was forgotten.

Now, as the motel reopens, the mystery of room 1704 returns.

Will you be the one to solve the chilling enigma of the Eagles Motel? Dive into this haunting tale of loss, horror, and the search for answers in a place where the past never truly dies.

Team: 2 to 6 participants | Time: 60 minutes | Age: PG-13

Miss Terry – Escape Rooms Rules

  1. You have 60 minutes to escape from the room. All the clues needed to solve the puzzles are in the room; it is forbidden to use improvised means (phones, laptop, etc.) during the game.
  2. This is an intellectual game, you have to solve puzzles by using logic, observation and critical thinking and not by physical power.
  3. You can stop the game at any time. The payment of the game is not refundable.
  4. Do not move or stand on items marked with Miss Terry logo.
  5. Escape rooms are not recommended to pregnant womenpeople who suffer from panic attacks, claustrophobia, epilepsy, heart disease or other similar afflictions.
  6. You play the real-life escape room game at your own consent and risk; Miss Terry’s Escape Room will not be held liable.
  7. Participants under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be allowed in the game room.
  8. Please keep the clues, solutions for puzzles, and combinations to yourself so others can enjoy the game after you.
  9. No food or drinks are allowed inside the game room. Pictures, videos, audio recordings are not allowed in the game rooms.
  10. Do not copy or replicate any design element, puzzle, clue, or content of the game rooms.
  11. We kindly ask you to take care of the rooms and the objects found in there. If you break anything, you may be asked to leave the room without refund or other compensation.
  12. Players will be liable for any damage to items inside the room if found to be caused by their mishandling.